Makan Angin

Beginning in March 2014, Cemeti Art House initiated a new residency program titled ‘Makan Angin’ (wandering around). Continuing Cemeti's previous residency programs, such as Landing Soon (2006 -2009) and HotWave (2010 – 2013), the Makan Angin residency will run from 2014 through to 2015 and will be implemented as often as twice a year. This year Makan Angin #1 will facilitate three artists from the Netherlands, New Zealand and Indonesia, to undertake the first residency period from March until May 2014. For the second period, that is September until November 2014, we will host artists from Australia and Indonesia. The Makan Angin #1 residency program is hosted by Cemeti Art House and supported by the Mondriaan Fund, The Netherlands and the Asia New Zealand Foundation.

Period I (1 March – 31 May 2014) – Makan Angin #1:
Yaya Sung - Indonesia
Paul Hendrikse - Netherlands
Jae Hoon Lee - New Zealand

Period II (1 September - 30 November 2014) – Makan Angin #2:
Aditya Novali - Indonesia
Reko Rennie – Australia

Period III (1 March - 31 May 2015) - Makan Angin #3 :
Eldwin Pradipta - Indonesian
Lidwien van de Ven - Netherlands
Liyen Chong - New Zealand

Cemeti Art House gives artists the opportunity in their work processes to undertake research, experiment and eventually collaborate. The artists will also receive guidance during their research and work process from Cemeti Art House, and an assistent. The artists will be connected to diverse arts communities in Yogyakarta and inter-action with the public and contribution to the art discourse are important in this programme.

The residency activities will be divided into several phases. In the first month the residency program will concentrate on orientation and an introduction to art and cultural activities in and around Yogyakarta. A presentation to the Yogyakarta public about the previous artists’ projects will be held in an artists’ talk format.

The residency activities will be divided into several phases: an orientation and an introduction, a work period and a final presentation.

In the second month artists are expected to do a workshop, give a lecture, held a discussion, or create any other program which is based on the artists’ interest and the expertise; as a form of sharing to the local communities and artists groups. This activity is held at Cemeti Art House or at other organisation, community or institution in Yogyakarta or at nearby cities.

In the last week of the third month a final presentation is held in the form of an exhibition, or other presentation formats according to the artists’ need. The final presentation will continue for a week and is accompanied by an open discussion as part of the evaluation of the residency program.