Lotte Geeven during HotWave #1 residency program

Lotte Geeven during HotWave #1 residency program

Given the new platform re-prioritizing 'Art and Society' practices, Cemeti Art House now offers residencies for artists, curators and multidisciplinary researchers. The residencies at Cemeti Art House creates dialogue between the curators, researchers, writers, artisans, activists and artists with the public leading to new artistic development.

At the same time when the Residency Program took place, Cemeti Art House transformed into a control center studio of art and community projects, including: workshop, presentation, discussion, and fun, yet critical, and constructive learning.


Facilities and Capacities

This residency program make use and utilize all working networks built by Cemeti Art House in more than 20 years as a contemporary art gallery in Indonesia. This program places one studio manager, two gallery staffs and artist's assistant. Cemeti Art House studio is optimally utilized by 3 artists together. Accommodation facilities are in the form of two living rooms located directly above the studio and a traditional, guest house-style residence, located two hundred meters into the kampong. Bicycles are available for transportation.


Ongoing Residency Programs at Cemeti Art House

  • Curator/Writer/Art Critics Residency

From the year 2011 until 2013, Cemeti Art House open two residencies each year for curators/writers/art critics. An ideal composition of one Indonesian applicant and one foreign applicant in a year. The period of residency took place on months where there is no regularly Hotwave program. This July, an Indonesian curator, Marta Soemantri (Bandung) will stay for one month in residency. Read more ...

  • Hotwave Residency (maximum 3 artist – month April to June and September to November)

To follow up and develop Landing Soon 'pilot projects' that bring together Dutch and Indonesian artists, supported mainly by Heden – The Hague, Hivos – Jakarta, and the Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta. Two program periods have been designed, one of which brought together Dutch artist, Indonesian artist and Australian artist (through the Asialink program). Read more ...

  • Other Residencies

Other Residencies are residency programs in Cemeti Art House that is not regularly designed or held every year. This residency took place on months where there is no regularly Hotwave program. This opportunity is open for local and international artists of various disciplines  and mediums. Applicants should attach financial plan individually/independent or institutionally.

Some other residencies this year are professional fashion designer Mada van Gaans and architect Harmen van de Wal, both from the Netherlands, who are in ongoing residency supported by Fonds BVKB from January till March 2011. On July till August 2011, two artists Daniel Peltz (USA) and Sissi Westerberg (Sweden) will undergo their independent residency at Cemeti Art House. Read more ...


Past Residency Programs at Cemeti Art House

  • Landing Soon (2006 – 2009)

During a residency period of three months, Dutch artists as well as Indonesian artists are ‘landing’ in Yogyakarta. In Landing Soon, the local, as well as the global, are researched through different themes, visions and conditions. Read more ...