left to right: Restu Ratnaningtyas, Lotte Geeven, and Tim Woodward

left to right: Restu Ratnaningtyas, Lotte Geeven, and Tim Woodward

Following the success of “Landing Soon” that brings together Dutch and Indonesian artists in a residency program, in 2010, Cemeti Art House launched a new residency program entitled 'HotWave'. This residency program involves three artists from three different countries during the period of three months. Two HotWave residency periods will be held yearly, in April to June and September to November. At end of each residency period, there will be an exhibition and presentation of the artists during the residency program.

Through the HotWave residency program, Cemeti Art House intends to focus on the importance of art practice with an emphasis on the art processes and social, innovative experiences. For three months, three artists from three countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands and Australia were given the opportunity to concentrate on work, experiment and interact with other artists, professionals and the community. Different models are explored in order to work on critical discourse and diverse forms of visual art.

Artists for the Indonesia, the Netherland,and Australia as well as other artists (preferably from Asia) are eligible to apply for HotWave Residency Program.


Dutch Artists

In collaboration with Heden - The Hague, Cemeti Art House brings directly Dutch artists in two periods of residency every year, one artist in each period. In HotWave residency program, Dutch artists will be fully supported by Heden. Dutch artists who are interested can apply directly in the selection held by Heden – The Hague.

Indonesian Artists
Two Indonesian artists can take part in HotWave residency program a year, divided in two periods on residency. Indonesian artists in HotWave Residency Program are fully supported by Heden – The Hague, The Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta, and Hivos – Jakarta. There is no regular open call for artists in each period of residency. Artists who are interested can submit an application in the form of a proposal containing the objective and ideas to take part in the residency program (max. of 1,000 words), one CD containing recent works in the last two-three year, a CV with a self portrait.

Australian Artists

In collaboration with Asialink – Australia, Cemeti Art House brings directly one Australian artist each year in one period of HotWave residency (for months September to November). In HotWave residency program, Australian artists will be fully supported by Asialink. Australian artists who are interested can apply directly in the selection held by Asialink – Australia.

Other Artists (preferably from Asia)
Cemeti Art House offers opportunity for other artists to take part in one period of  HotWave residency each year (for months April to June).  Artist must fund their expenditure for there is no financial support available. If you are interested, please send us a proposal about the goals and ideas for the residency program (max. 1000 words), one CD contains portfolio of your recent work within two – three years, CV with a photograph, and the financing plan of the institution or foundation who will fund your participation in the program.

Residency Facilities

In every residency’s period, artists will be given assistance in doing research and experimentation with the ideas together with Cemeti Art House and assistant.  Artists will be given facilities such as accommodation (for artists abroad), daily allowance, research cost, material cost, and publication printing/catalog*.

*) For Australian artists and other artists, the budget of living cost, material cost and publication printing/catalog will largely depend on funding. Please consult with your funders.