HotWave #3

Esther Kokmeijer, working process [1]

Esther Kokmeijer, working process [1]

Esther Kokmeijer born in Friesland, 1977, after completing her study at Constantijn Huygens, Institute of the Arts, The Netherlands, she conducts numerous journey to the geographical center of each continent. Esther lives and works at the Studio At het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The world at large and the connections and movements within it are the main focus of Esther Kokmeijer's work. This stems from an urge to understand, discover, order, reshape and represent all of the world’s complexities. Geographical links and natural forces often form the basis. The invisible, but continuous presence of borders, coordinates and meridians fascinates her. Many of her works originate during travels, whereby the journey itself is an important part of the work. The possibilities of traveling in this world have become infinite. This makes the world smaller, but at the same time larger. In many of her works this contradiction is present. "In my projects I search for possibilities to lay bare the intrinsic value of places and its people and of phenomena that appear to be deemed unimportant or forgotten. Something useless or absurd can prove to have great meaning."

Leonardiansyah Allenda born in Banyuwangi, 1984, finished his studies in Sculpture at the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). Leo lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia.

When he was young, Leo was always attracted to stories of the past. The house and the city are fascinating footprints; his imagined stories about these spaces become real. After graduating high school, he moved and lived in a new environment. This experience led him to appreciate the various meanings of space and place. In his work, Leo explores the relationships between human and spaces. The meanings of space are constantly evolving and contribute to the formation of human reality. Experience in perceiving architectural form brings his understanding closer to the meanings of space that not only serves as a place of activities, but also as reflection of systems of values and ideologies.

Nathan Gray born in Perth, 1974, completed a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art at Curtin University, Perth in 1994 and a Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic Design and Interactive Media at RMIT, Melbourne in 2002. Nathan lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.

Primarily working in installation but from a background of experimental music, Nathan seeks to extend the processes of music into visual and spatial composition. As in his work Musique Concrete (a form of audio collage) he seeks to direct the viewer’s attention away from the physical object and toward the content of their perception, freeing objects so that they might create new associations and resonances. This is a continuing project which faces both inwards towards an appreciation of composition and outwards towards an examination of cultural positioning. He is also a musician and member of the improvised electro acoustic group Snawklor, experimental synth rock trio The French and ambient duo people person.

HotWave #3 is a residency program organized by Cemeti Art House and Heden, The Hague (The Netherlands), and Asialink, Australia. This project is supported by Heden, The Hague (The Netherlands) and the Cultural and Development Program, The Netherlands Embassy in Jakarta (Indonesia), Arts Victoria, and Australia - Indonesia Institute.

HotWave #3 residency program will take place for three months from September to November 2011 at Cemeti Art House.