Other Residencies

Cassandra Lehman-Schultz, Anang Saptoto & trash picker at Piyungan landfill, Yogyakarta

Cassandra Lehman-Schultz, Anang Saptoto & trash picker at Piyungan landfill, Yogyakarta

Cemeti Art House offers opportunity for artist/researcher to undertake independent residency. Exploration of space, working technique and collaboration with other art agents are supported to escalate the capacity of artist and researcher. In this residency program, we support creativity freedom of artist and researcher to develop their ideas furthermost.

In 2009, Asialink – Australia supported two artists in residence to experience and interact with the dynamics of art and society in Yogyakarta. They are Cassandra Lehman Schultz – Brisbane (March – June) and Laura Wills – Adelaide (September – November). In 2010, Allison Holt (USA) undertook independent residency as a part of her research supported by Fullbright – USA (March – August).

In order to give more opportunity to multidisciplinary researchers, in 2011 Cemeti Art House host an independent residency of Mada van Gaans (fashion designer, the Netherlands) and Harmen van de Wal (architect, the Netherlands) from 15 January to 31 March. This residency program is supported by Fonds BKVB, the Netherlands, and becoming a way to encourage multidisciplinary researchers who want to conduct independent residency. On July till August 2011, two artists Daniel Peltz (USA) and Sissi Westerberg (Sweden) will undergo their independent residency at Cemeti Art House.

For artists/researchers who are interested in partaking independent residency at Cemeti Art House, please send us a proposal about the goals and ideas for the residency program (max. 1000 words), one CD contains portfolio of your recent work within two – three years, CV with a photograph, and the financing plan of the institution or foundation who will fund your participation in the program.