Residency Period

Cemeti – Institute for Art and Society has been running an international residency programme since 2006 (then Cemeti Art House). Whilst still exploring new directions the residency might take, this year’s programme continues the main ambition of Cemeti’s residency to date, encouraging artists to engage with society through an open process; developing ideas, conducting research and knowledge exchange. The residency connects artists with diverse local networks which support collaborative working. For their three months at Cemeti, the artists in residence experience the nuances of local context and explore the social field together with Cemeti’s team.

The first period of the residency program take place from March to May 2017 and involve three artists from different countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands, and New Zealand. This residency program is organized by Cemeti -  Institute for Art and Society and supported by the Mondriaan Fund, the Asia New Zealand Foundation, and the Cultural Department of Yogyakarta.