Landing Soon

Landing Soon #1 Artists : Angki Purbandono, Lieven Hendricks, Sara Nuytemans, Arya Panjalu

Landing Soon #1 Artists : Angki Purbandono, Lieven Hendricks, Sara Nuytemans, Arya Panjalu

Landing Soon 2006 – 2009

During a residency period of three months, Dutch artists as well as Indonesian artists are ‘landing’ in Yogyakarta. In LANDING SOON, the local, as well as the global, are researched through different themes, visions and conditions. Artists are given the opportunity to concentrate on their work and go into depth by experimenting and interacting with other artists, professionals and specific communities.

LANDING SOON was a three year exchange programme organised by Heden, The Hague (previous: Artoteek Den Haag ), the Netherlands and Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

This project is supported by Heden, The Hague, the Netherlands and the Culture & Development Programme of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Jakarta.

About the LANDING SOON Residency Program
Concrete run down on the Landing Soon residency project of residency since 2006 can be broken down into three general categories:
a. period of creatively producing ideas of aesthetics and ethics;
b. period of assisting art and community movements in Yogyakarta;
c. period of encouraging young artists to dive into the discourse of the contemporary art world.

The Cemeti Residency Studio was supported by an infrastructure of one studio manager, an artist assistant who was rotated every three months, and a night guard and household staff.  The participating artists were free of financial burdens for accommodations and living costs for three months.  The artists receive financial support for experimentation of ideas, aesthetic production and preparation of a catalogue.  The exhibition and presentation space at Cemeti Art House is available for one week.

The initial three weeks following arrival are for introductions and adjustment to the climate.  The artists are required to make a presentation on the development of their individual projects in the second or third week to a forum of artists from various disciplines, art activists, art critics, journalists, etc.  This forum is intended as an effort to neutralize the curriculum vitae references of the individual artists, so that they will integrate and mix more easily with their environment, and better understand and appreciate each other.

At the same time, this forum serves as a witness that their residencies have begun. During the first four to six weeks, the artists, both individually and collectively must design a form of discussion around their works through a lecture, courses, or seminar, workshop and training, along with appreciation in another form intended as a form of assisting art in the community (Art and Society).  With the passing of the first six weeks, the following weeks through the closing of the exhibition and presentation are the peak of their creative work, exhibition presentation and its discussion.

As selected artists, they receive assistance, guidance, and support from the studio manager through weekly progress reports.  Support for their ideas and explanations from expert resources, including anthropologists, architects, geologists, curators, sociologists, non-government organization activists, traditional artists, puppet masters, musicians, craftspeople, artisans, film makers, and other experts, can be arranged by the studio manager to support the creative work processes.

New Residency 2010

Prospective evaluation on the former three years running ‘Landing Soon’ has encouraged Cemeti Art House to introduce a new platform that will become the new approach, which is based on the question of what the next important role of Cemeti is, institutionally, within the contemporary Indonesian art scene. The resonance of the activities during this project has inspired us to be more focus on and concentrating the advocation of developing the art scene, socially and politically.

(Nindityo Adipurnomo, 2010)