Contemporary Art Scene among us 2009

11 December 2009 - 10 January 2010

Cemeti Art House


Cemeti Art House was institutionally participating in Biennale Jogja X 2009. Cemeti was among the significant institutions and art movements such us the present IVAA (Indonesian Visual Art Archive), Taring Padi Cultural Institution, the late PIPA, Sanggar Bumi Tarung, Sanggar Bambu and some others.

As the Biennale Jogja X this time was highlighting historical documents on visual art tradition through the last 50 years in Yogyakarta: ‘Jogja Jamming’; Cemeti Art House curated a small presentation on ‘Contemporary Art Scene among us’.

The presentation comprised of a huge cardboard and bamboo tent construction as a mean of recycling/reusing the idea of the ‘Coconut House’ designed and built by Laura Wills, in collaboration with William Cheesman, during her Asialink residency program in Yogyakarta, hosted by Cemeti Art House. A documentary movie, edited by Nicole Baros, was shown inside the tent to bring public viewers into the awareness of our local contemporary art scene in presence.

The presentation of Cemeti Art House at the Biennale Jogja X is a reflection of a history reading, to outline and map the projection of our future role in a more strategic way. Giving back the trust to ‘Art Practice’ and ‘Art and Society’ is the option that we choose.

Suported by: Dessy Zahara Angelina, Sri Suryandari, Joko, Sarono, Nicole Baros, Laura Wills, William Cheesman, Mella Jaarsma, Nindityo Adipurnomo