Bring Your Broom!

Bring Your Broom! – Invitation to celebrate some exciting changes at Cemeti Art House

Celebration for exciting changes at Cemeti Art House
Tuesday 13 December 2016, 7.30 p.m.


Dear friends,

We warmly invite you to celebrate some exciting changes at Cemeti Art House, , this Tuesday 13 December 2017 at 19.30 hrs.

After a period of 28 years in which we built and provided an “art house” for artists and other art professionals to develop their practice, as well as a myriad of projects, we feel that it is time for a new approach. We, the newly appointed board of Cemeti, are very happy to introduce to you to the new Cemeti team:

Alec Steadman (co-chief curator)
Dimaz Maulana (archive and documentation manager)
Linda Mayasari (director)
Sanne Oorthuizen (co-chief curator)
Sarono (night guard and technical support)
Theodora Agni (residency manager)
Wahyu (night guard and technical support)

The first programme under the new team will take a moment for public reflection, thinking collectively about the possible futures of Cemeti. Importantly, taking this occasion of internal shape shifting as a cue to think together about the social and political urgencies within Indonesia and the region today. Asking, what is the agency of art spaces and practices to act in relation to social and political issues?

Together we will publically sketch out one proposition for the future for Cemeti, changing its name from Cemeti Art House to Cemeti - Institute for Art and Society. The new subtitle takes as a starting point the idea of “instituting” as a collective social process in which we find forms for shared urgencies and ideologies.

This process will begin in January 2017 with the year long programme Maintenance Works. Taking the form of an open and informal public forum Maintenance Works will begin by asking what are the key issues at stake in the local arts and cultural context, through interviews, workshops and collective discussions. In particular attempting to make visible the often-overlooked forms of labor it takes to maintain these communities. Expanding outwards, Maintenance Works will explore key issues for local people of all kinds, from activist groups to gardeners, from spiritualist communities to city mayors. The result will be an evolving programme of talks, workshops, reading groups, tours and events. Cemeti’s exhibition space will show an accumulative presentation that feeds off of and into these events, serving as a repository for models of organizing, raw ideas, first drafts and more.

We hope you will join us on this journey, starting with a festive launch on Tuesday 13 December 2016. Don’t forget to bring your broom! 

Cemeti Board:
Alia Swastika
Joned Suryatmoko
F.X. Harsono
Mella Jaarsma
Nindityo Adipurnomo