Cemeti Art House at Fukutake House - Asia Art Platform 2016

Visual artist Maryanto in collaboration with culinary expert Rulyani Isfihana

 Curator: Nindityo Adipurnomo 
Project Coordinator: Linda Mayasari
Tempe producer in Japan: Rustono

Cemeti Art House brings ‘e_Tempe -  Deadly Exotic Food’ at the Asia Art Platform together with six other visual art organisations, at the Fuketake House in Fukuda Shodoshima, under the title ‘In Search of Balance’

‘e_Tempe’ is an art project based on the family narrative of Indonesian artist, Maryanto and reflects on his personal memory of his family's home industry making tempe. Tempe is a basic traditional food developed in Java, Indonesia made from fermented soya beans that has long been enjoyed as a staple food in Indonesia.

Working in collaboration with culinary expert Rulyani Isfihana, the ‘e_Tempe’ project re-purposes the classroom at the Fukutake House into a typical, local cafetaria that introduces and serves a new global food: The Tempe Burger.

‘e_Tempe’ explores various media such as documentary video, batik, installation, performance and food in order to investigate the social, political and economic impacts currently facing open markets in an age of global food production. 

Maryanto is interested in these socio-political agendas and their impacts on poverty, politics and government policies on food productions. Maryanto and Rulyani Isfihana also looked into food modifications, cooking trends and the work can be seen as a comment on popularised food industries nowadays.