Cemeti Art House at Art Stage Singapore 2016

‘STILLS IN ACTION’ is a compilation of seven videos by Indonesian artists selected by Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta.
Most artists in Indonesia not work solely with video or moving images. Often video is used as one facet of art practices with multi techniques and videos (with projections or on monitors) are often presented as part of an installation. The seven artists selected for ‘Stills in Action’ show a different approach and are exploring painted or drawing imageries. Each artist differently relates the painted and drawing images to time and frequencies.  As if the still image with its static appearance hasn’t a strong impact on the viewer. Motion is used to bring still images alive and to articulate a stronger message.’ Stills in action’ are video animations meant as a sketch, a play or persiflage.

The Artists:
Doni Maulistya
Eldwin Pradipta
Hanura Hosea
Popok Tri Wahyudi
Restu Ratnaningtyas
Terra Bajraghosa
Yudha Sandy