Kerjasama: Reciprocal Residency between Australia and Indonesia

Karla is Wiradjuri, her parents are from Mascot, Sydney. Karla Dickens was born in Sydney in 1967; the Year of the Referendum, that gave Aboriginal people human status within the nation called Australia. A double dawn for Aboriginal people; a major national political and social shift, and an innocent new born seemingly as yet without any connection to her history and Aboriginal heritage. As she tells, the process of moving from childhood to the present was a colourful and, at times, destructive journey of self discovery. Ironically and literally a truly dark but noble 'Dickensian' life.  In the 1970s feminists spoke of being three times discriminated against - being Aboriginal, being a woman, and being gay. Karla’s Aboriginality and sexuality do profoundly inform her work - yet her insight and breadth of artistic practice both embraces the notion of identity politics deeply and yet works with universal human experiences. Her work truly fosters an intra and cross cultural dialogue through the forum of contemporary art. (Djon Mundine, 2007)

Doni Maulistya (born in Yogyakarta, 1987) started his artistic journey as a photography-based artist. He started to question his position as an artist in the society that is continuously in a dynamic negotiation between “the old and the new”. He sees the negotiation process as an identity formation process that will always happen in the human history. He also realises that a medium is not a sole artistic language. Therefore, he expands his exploration on photography as well as on other media beyond photography. Thus, in making artworks, he is always interested in working with themes such as history, tradition, and dialectic dimensions between the old and the new.


Kerjasama: Indigenous and Regional Arts Residencies between Australia and Indonesia is a residency model that is being tested through Asialink’s ‘Arts Residency Laboratory’, a platform for testing new models of artistic and cultural exchange. This exchange residency program is a collaboration between Asialink, Cemeti Art House and Artback NT. The exchange is supported by the Australian Government through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander program, an initiative of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the Northern Territory Government through Arts NT.