Pasang Air #1 - Exhibition & Presentation Artists

Through the Pasang Air residency program, Cemeti Art House intends to focus on the importance of art processes in conjuction with social, innovative experiences. For three months, three artist from three countries: Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Taiwan, are given the opportunity to concentrate on work, experiment and interact with other artists, professionals and spesific communities. Different models are explored in order to work on critical discourse and diverse forms of visual art.

Pasang Air #1 is a residency program organised by Cemeti Art House and supported by Asian Cultural Council (Taipei), Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan), and Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Pasang Air #1 residency program take place for three months from September to November 2015 at Cemeti Art House.

Chen Chia-Jen

Through his work, Chen Chia-Jen speaks about situations that he
often encounters in modern cities in many countries. As a
foreigner who is always travelling and living in places for short
periods, he wanted to compare his experiences in the places he has visited. At the beginning of his stay in Yogya, Chen was impressed with the horizontal city landscape where few buildings have several stories, so the sky is clearly visible from everywhere. The mobility of residents and the traffic system which relies on surface level roads completes this horizontal experience.

Chen is also interested in observing the activities of residents
who live on the edges of rivers in large cities and visited a
number of rivers in Yogya. At one point he visited the Opak River near Parangtritis Beach and encountered several locals working as sand miner. The activities of the workers at the bottom of the river piqued his curiousity about what was happening under the river water. The curiosity encouraged his fantasies about sand as the original source of the city. His horizontal experience even confronted a contrast when he observed the movements of the sand miners against the river stream. He turned this findings into video works to be presented as an installation in the gallery space.

Chen Chia-Jen (born in Yunlin, Taiwan) graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts with an M.F.A. He is the director of an art space called Open-Contemporary Art Centre in Taipei. He also teaches at the College of Fine Art at NTUA and has joined the doctoral program in the department of Art and Technologies de l’Image, Paris University 8.(

Eva Olthof

“He was the first climber to fall into the Mt. Merapi crater. He
fell into the crater when taking a selfie.”

Jakarta Post May 19, 2015

Eva Olthof started her working period by investigating a story of a village on Mount Merapi whose residents were forced to
transmigrate in the 1960s. Soon after, many returned to their
village which by then had been erased from the official map by the government. Stemming from this, Olthof became interested in images emerging from the symbols of authority connected to the volcanic mountain on a scientific, spiritual, and political level. A selection of the material gathered will be presented in a performative talk at the opening.

Eva Olthof (born in Nijmegen, 1983) is a visual artist based in
Rotterdam. She is a graduate of the MFA program at the Dutch Art Institute, Arnhem. Her book Return to Rightful Owner, which departs from the political history of the American Memorial Library in Berlin was recently published by Onomatopee,
a project space and publisher in Eindhoven. Also launched this year was the project - a growing archive containing memories of residents related to the collapse of the Historical City Archive in Cologne, Germany on 3.3.2009.

Yudha Kusuma Putera

During his residency at Cemeti Art House, Yudha Kusuma Putera conceived two experimental projects that involved participants of various ages and backgrounds. These projects were inspired by his exploration of social relations and connections between people, which have been his interest for the last two years. The two projects aren’t connected at all, although if we compare them to each other we can see that there are related elements. The first experimental project involved pupils from Pertiwi Tamanan Preschool in Banguntapan, Bantul in a joint drawing activity. Initially Yudha intended to use the drawings made by the pupils in reproductions and simulated it in the family room in each
student’s house. After several discussions with teachers, parents and pupils, Yudha then changed his approach to the work by using the children’s drawings as a medium to access the children’s personal space.

The second experimental project was conducted in several art exhibition openings in Yogya, both solo and group exhibitions. In the commotion of the celebration of art exhibitions, visitors are assumed to be voiceless, passive spectators. Inviting two
strangers and pairing them together during the opening, Yudha asked participants to discuss and critique the exhibitions whilst looking at the artwork.

Yudha Kusuma Putera (born in Magelang, 1987) finished his study at the Indonesian Institut of Art in Yogyakarta, majoring
in Photography. Since 2011, Yudha has been involved in the MES 56 art’s collective, which focuses on the development of contemporary photography in Indonesia.(