German Season / Encounters #2 Papermoon meets Retrofuturisten

Papermoon Puppet Theater is Indonesia’s most well-known contemporary puppet theater based in Yogyakarta. Retrofuturisten is an independent puppet theater collective from Berlin, whose members came together in 2011 during their studies at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art. Both groups have teamed up and developed together a co-production that focuses on the topic of “borders”: “SENLIMA” will be shown at PKKH UGM (Jl. Pancasila, Bulaksumur, Yogyakarta) on 1st October 2015 at 6 pm and 8:30 pm and on 4 October 2015 at Salihara (Jl. Salihara 16, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta), please have a look at the trailer:

During several phases in Germany and Indonesia, the artists have exchanged ideas about their respective countries, about politics and religion but of course also about the different theater and puppet traditions. For the co-production, they probed the topic “borders” as a cultural, linguistic, geographical, religious as well as an ideological phenomenon. Where and why are borders drawn, where is it difficult to define these borders, where do people fight for borders and why are borders so crucial for establishing an identity? The result of the research and creative process is a fascinating co-production that has the handwriting of both groups.

Join our artist talk on 23 September 2015, were the team will share their experiences in the creative working process, the development of the topic and, of course, how they overcame all the “borders” between them.

This will be the second event of German Season/ Encounters – a series of discussions presented at Cemeti Art House.

At the initiative of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the German Season will be held for three months in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Indonesien, the German Embassy in Jakarta and the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (EKONID) in major cities all over Indonesia.

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