Solo Exhibition 'A Monument That Tells Anything' by Bagus Pandega (7 August - 2 September 2015)

Emerging out the academic tradition, Bagus Pandega has expanded his working methods in sculpture. Motivated by his interest in the relationship between object and audience, Bagus Pandega encourages audience involvement in his work through movement, sound and light. Pandega possesses a broad approach to his range of mediums, as befitting an artist born in the postmodern era. He is free to choose from the diverse “-isms” and currents of “-art”. Pandega is also part of the generation that continually adapts to the growth of digital information devices and their perpetual upgrade. Although he takes advantage of the benefits and conveniences they provide, in his work Pandega has chosen independence from the technological advances of his time and has decided to build an analogue electrical system.

Bagus Pandega plays with the accumulation of perceptions that emerge from his arrangement of found objects that he believes encourage diverse interpretations, his passion for joining together various electronic systems as 'modules' in his work, and also with role of art creation in the involvement of 'free' subjects that voice his message through operating systems and their visuality.

'A Monument That Tells Anything' is an exhibition of Bagus Pandega’s work over the last three years. In his explorations of sculpture as media, Pandega moves away from the concept of sculpture’s ‘purity’ as the sole agent for the transmission of a message, and towards its use as a meeting point for various individuals involved in the formation and interpretation of an object.

Bagus Pandega (b. 1985) completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Master of Fine Art at Bandung Institute of Technology. His works are intersection of visual art and sound. He works and lives in Bandung.