Book Lauch Turning Targets: 25 Year Cemeti

In 2013, Cemeti Art House celebrated their 25th anniversary through a series of event called "Turning Targets", and book publishing is part of the program. After two years of hard work, the book is finally finished and ready to be contributed to the international and Indonesian contemporary art public.

"Turning Targets: 25 Years of Cemeti" is made to re-interpret the important traces of the Indonesian contemporary art development in the past time and to read its phenomenon today. The contributing writers including artist, curator, researcher, writer, artistic director, and historian, offer discourse from various perspective and critical approach on changes in contemporary art practice, aesthetic development, the dispute of space and ideology, relation between subject and authority inside the visual art field. Though the romance impression is inevitable, this book try to offer a discourse to bridge the knowledge transfer between generations and different spirit of times.