Presentation: Videozoom at Glance by Mary Angela Schroth

Videozoom is an initiative “in progress” of the Cultural Association Sala 1 (Rome,Italy), which intends to show contemporary video art representing current generations of video artists in various territorial situations. Each edition of Videozoom is curated by an expert relating to the country or geographic area represented; and thus each has a unique identity. Starting in 2001, Gallery Sala 1 has made Videozoom projects with Poland, Israel, Iran, China, Spain, Republic of San Marino, Morocco, Japan, Bangladesh, Quebec and Greece. Future Videozoom initiatives include Iraq, Kurdistan, Romania, Bahia in Brazil as well as South Korea.

Cemeti Art House is pleased to present Videozoom, by project director Mary Angela Schroth who also directs Sala 1. She will be projecting the most recent Videozoom: Greece, and will have catalogs of the entire series available to the public. Schroth also plans a Videozoom project with Indonesia and welcomes suggestions from artists and curators in Yogyakarta.